Rates & Charges

Berthing Price £ ex VAT
Annual berthing (1st April 2024 - 31st March 2025)                                *charge per metre LOA                                                          £590.00
Annual berthing QB & IB Pontoons (1st April 2024 - 31st March 2025)   *charge per metre LOA           £554.00
Visitor Berthing                                                                                *per night per metre LOA   
1st March 2024 - 30th September 2024*
1st October 2024 - End of February 2025*
per night per metre LOA
Winter Afloat (1st October 2024 - End of February 2025).                               *per month per metre LOA £26.40 
* Harbour dues are not included in any of our berthing rates.   
Storage   Price £ ex VAT
Storage ashore - first week                                                                   Free
Storage ashore (all year around) Per metre, per week LOA                                 £7.50

Travel Hoist 

Maximum lifting weight is 40 tonnes; maximum length for lifting is 18.3 metres, maximum beam is 4.88 metres

Price £ ex VAT
Normal package - lift out, pressure wash, one weeks storage and relaunch
Per metre LOA
Lift and stow or cradle (all boats types)
Per metre LOA
Lift onto transport
Per metre LOA
Relaunch (all boats, from ashore or transport)
Per metre LOA
Quick lift and pressure wash
Per metre LOA
Racing Scrub < 12m  £156.00 
Quick Lift, Hold in Slings (1 hour), Wash 
Per metre LOA
Pressure Wash  Price £ ex VAT
Pressure Washing
Per metre LOA
Badly Fouled Boats 
Per metre LOA
Hoist crane & driver for small boats, masts & engines Price £ ex VAT
Engines £85.00
Small Boats £90.00
Masts - stepping and unstepping (up to 12m), each way. £125.00
Masts - stepping and unstepping (over 12m), each way.  POA
Dory and driver towing charges Price £ ex VAT
Within confines of the river, per half hour                                                        £60.00
Tow to / from Berth  £30.00