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SEABOB – Dive into a new dimension. The underwater world awaits.

The SEABOB represents pure excitement, enhancing your snorkelling, freediving, or scuba diving experience. Whether you want to glide gently over the surface, speed through the water or dive down to a depth of 40 meters – all is possible with the SEABOB. Seabob is the world’s fastest water and diving scooter that has established itself as an ultra-modern and very exciting water sports item. A perfect high thrill toy that can be carried onboard any yacht.

SEABOB offers a variety of models that will take you out on any underwater based adventure.

SEABOB Cam – Capture Unique Experiences

The SEABOB can be made to include two cameras to capture your adventure. One can be installed in the watercrafts bow, a full HD camera with a recording system as well as another full HD camera that can be installed in the information display to act as an integrated Action-Selfie-Cam. All recordings are saved in the SEABOB on-board system and can be sent directly to any smart phone or device.

The Colours – Make your choice

The SEABOB serial Colours are protected against high wear thanks to the special surface technology which include Basic Yellow & Basic Red. You can step your colour choice up with the special colour choice which are applied with a multi-layer paint system. These high-gloss colours give every SEABOB a sporty overall look. These include colours such as Star White, Platin Silver Met and Ixon Red. SEABOB also specialise in Bright Colour, Bicolour & Black Line Design. Colours included are Lumex Yellow, Lumex Orange, Bi-Colour Blue Orange and Black Line – Blue.  


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